Will China make 2025 change the textile industry

With the implementation of China's strategy of making the 2025 powerful countries, textile and garment industries will undergo major changes in the following aspects:



Industrial pattern

In fact, the upgrading of industries in any era, besides the sensitivity of entrepreneurs to the future, is more important than economic competitiveness. China's manufacturing of 2025 is not a slogan, but it needs the input of real gold and silver, and this kind of investment does not necessarily produce the expected return, because everyone is walking across the river by feeling the stones. Some people are walking through the rocks. Some people have been introduced into the deep pond. They are either killed or transported. You have to step on this hole because you have no choice.

In view of the huge economic input made by "China made 2025", the enterprises that are able to carry out smoothly have the following characteristics:


In order to ensure its first advantage in the market, the truly profitable enterprises must be imperative to upgrade their industries, and they can earn money from the government. Why not? More importantly, industrial upgrading will bring about an increase in production efficiency and a reduction in production costs. This is a great advantage for the profit margins of enterprises, which will enable enterprises to have a huge "willful" space in the competition of market economy, and even create a monopoly opportunity for enterprises.


Government supported enterprises, some enterprises are related to the economic lifeline of the country and the well-being of the people. Even if they lose money, they must protect them. This is the so-called political correctness. Look at the central enterprises of those countries. They know that the sons of the wives are naturally more expensive. Envy, jealousy and hatred are useless. Their origins determine everything. These enterprises will gain a great deal of bias both economically and technically, so they will become the first beneficiaries of "industrial 4".


In view of the disappearance of China's demographic dividend and the increase in the consumption power of the middle class, a lot of joint ventures will take the lead in upgrading the industrial enterprises, and they have the inherent technological advantages. Many developed countries' "industrial 4" model has been formed, and they only need to copy it to a certain extent. They occupy a great advantage in R & D cost and upgrading cycle.


Type enterprises, the masters of these enterprises, have the value of exploring all kinds of possibilities. They are full of curiosity and anticipation of new things, and they are willing to put this desire into action, and there is no worldly failure in their dictionaries. Only when they are desperate to move forward, this madman must exist. Sometimes I think my boss is such a kind of person, especially to be able to toss, dare to try, even if only 1/10000 of the possibilities are possible, but also to play. And he allows you to fail. Of course, you can not always fail, fail much, and succeed. Some innovation with courage and courage.


What happens to small and medium-sized enterprises when big enterprises are heading up? Damn the dead, not to mention anything else, the current environmental assessment has killed a lot of small businesses, basically they are closed directly, and they are closed for an indefinite period, because there is no way to pass the EIA. The turnover of a small business for several years is not enough money for a set of environmental protection equipment. How can we play this game? A small boss who is aware of it is ordered by the government to shut down the business, do not believe in evil spirits, start running orders at night, and go straight to the restaurant for second days.

In fact, China's manufacturing of 2025 main automation and information technology integration is not suitable for many small businesses, especially in automation. In my personal experience, many enterprises do not need to blindly pursue automation, because any automation is built on a certain scale, especially the automated production line, because it has not yet reached the so-called intelligence level, especially the bottleneck of human-machine cooperation has not been broken. The lack of flexibility in the pure automatic production line will restrict the enrichment and diversification of the product model, so the enterprises will be forced to scale production.

It is impossible for us to conclude the final result of automation and intellectualization on the individual customized differentiation. If there is no need to do so, there is only one way to do so, that is, the so-called modular design of the functional parts that can be customized according to the custom-made current method, and then guide the customers to make customized products according to the modularization of the products. This private customization is also quite limited, rather than arbitrary private ordering. To be frank, you can only achieve private customization in some aspects, and you can only choose a few of the programs that I offer, because the automatic production line can not achieve large-scale mass production of mixed products at all, because the flexibility is too low, which is the current technology can not overcome. Many books about industry 4 are blindly bragging about automation and intelligence.

So those companies that boast of private customization are not as aggressive as the news said. They are also doing a certain degree of flexible production. Many times, you think too much.



Transformation of talent structure

With the gradual progress of China's manufacturing of 2025, many people worry about whether they will lose their jobs and how their jobs are replaced by machines.

You're dead? No, you can go to a more relaxed position. Of course, the premise is that you need to learn new knowledge and skills. As long as you are willing to accept this change, the machine instead of your hardship, in return for your more comfortable employment environment and more relaxed work content, is it not the value of human beings?

Of course, more high-end people may need more than just a professional skill, and more likely to learn the output of various skills, especially cross disciplines. For example, machinery is no longer a simple machine, it may involve electrical control and computer programming. Otherwise, you can not communicate and cooperate with other teams. Information technology and Internet knowledge will become the necessary skills of high-end talents in the manufacturing industry. If you are learning data analysis and application, things will be the killing skills of your career.



The business mode of an enterprise will change.

With the gradual upgrading of manufacturing industry upgrading, China's manufacturing will once again achieve "self correction". You will not go further to Japan to buy a toilet, which is neither good nor beautiful. You no longer need to ask grandpa to tell Grandma to ask friends to help you bring back the chopping knife from Germany. The kitchen knife made in China can easily wait for your mouth to eat your food.

In the future, Chinese enterprises will focus more on two qualities of products.

Quality is the best thing to sell to the most appreciative person.

Service, with the best service, to the most fastidious and fastidious person.

Especially with the growth of the so-called middle class, if a manufacturing enterprise does not think about the direction of its own development from quality and service, I think there is no way out.

Look at the people around you. Do many people start to pay for the quality? Cell phones use Apple bags and LV. Is everyone really vanity? Not necessarily, willing to pay for quality is the truth behind this.

China made 2025 can greatly enhance the quality of enterprise products, product production no longer rely solely on the workers' technology and mood, but rely on precise and stable machinery and equipment, relying on the perfect implementation of the management system, all of which are promising in the future.