Swimsuit | HongYingYue: from basic level of the "second generation"

As China warp knitting fabric development base, jin pai warp knitting technology co., ltd. is recognized as the industry leader.

Sensitive market insight so that jin sent warp knitting can always go ahead of the market.Whether it's from the earliest fabrics for swimsuits, or a partnership with a Japanese brand 10 years ago to develop men's wear, or an extension of a product that was developed from an early insight into the prevalence of sports...All of them show the sensitivity of jinpi warp knitting to the market, constantly capturing the market and adjusting the future development strategy.

These are jinpai jingpai marketing manager hong yingyue most expect to learn from his father.

In the first four years after graduating from university and returning to the company, hong took root in the frontline.In the most basic workshop, he will wear yarn, warping, blocking and other positions have been tried."My father's philosophy was that everything you do starts with the basics. Only then do you know enough about the business to be sure."Hong yingyue very much agrees with the view that technology sits beside the body, regard it as due experience and training.

The exercise was clearly effective.

There is a period of time, the production of part of the weft woven fabric has the situation of the tail slant.After trying to adjust the production process, dyeing and finishing, but still could not improve, hong and his team members decided to go back to the source and have a look at the production site."Later, we adjusted the equipment and finally succeeded in finding a solution to the problem."This event impressed hong yingyue deeply. He said, "if you are not familiar with your production process and have no concrete concept of production, you may not make the right decision and find no feasible solution.

In the past few years, jinpai warp knitting has been carrying out internal optimization.Hong yingyue's learning path, then also from the workshop flow to quality control, marketing, research and development, and other departments.

This makes hong more and more harvest, "with different departments of colleagues contact, can see from different angles normally can not see things."In recent years, hong yingyue is doing department resources coordination, is based on the past many years of post experience on this basis.

In many enterprises, marketing and research and development often exist information inequality."According to customer demand, the r&d department will develop new products every month.In addition, they will also do some self-development according to the popular trend.But the product that develops, lack systematic introduction.The promotion department was set up last year to facilitate communication between the two departments.They will understand and evaluate the new products, and their categories, functions, scope of application and other targeted docking with salesmen.

In hong's view, this approach is a bit of point-to-point docking, but also let the surface of the information more focused, avoid excessive development, and make development more targeted, more effective.

Now, hong yingyue, who takes himself as the link and hopes to play the role of threading the needle, not only guides the developers to do serialized development, but also controls the whole process data of yarn procurement, development, production, sales and transportation through the application of data management."Innovation and quality have always been the two cornerstones of jin pai.Everything we do continues on this axis.