Indonesia's export price soaring, textile and garment exports decline
Indonesian textile and apparel exports continued to decline in the first quarter of 2017

, Indonesia is mainly due to labor costs increased sharply in recent years leads to the lack of competitiveness, with the rapid development of Vietnam and Bangladesh textile and apparel exports to Indonesia, formation pressure. At present, Indonesian textile exporters are looking forward to enjoying duty-free access to the EU market. According to

statistics, Indonesia's textile and apparel exports fell by 2.8% in the first quarter, exports grew by 4.1% (in dollar terms), mainly due to the export price soaring by. It is understood that Indonesia's textile and clothing export prices rose 7.2% in the first quarter, of which export prices rose 14% in March. In the Indonesian rupiah against the dollar did not rise, the Indonesian textile and garment export price continued to rise will weaken the Indonesian textile and garment industry competitiveness, especially the influence of American market in Indonesia and export to europe.

the United States market, over the past five years since the U.S. apparel imports from Indonesia increased by only 1%, while Indonesia as the main competitor, the United States to Vietnam, Bangladesh and Chinese imports increased by 72%, 25%, 19%. Indonesia is the fourth largest supplier in the US market, accounting for 5.4% of imports and 6.4% (in US dollars). The European

market, a quarter of the EU since Indonesia clothing imports fell 9.3%, the amount of imports fell by 7% (in dollar terms), the market share was 1.3% (in the import volume calculation) and 1.6% (in dollar terms). With the rapid development of Indonesia's economy, Indonesia or Jakarta is to apply for preferential treatment of the European market, and Jakarta has begun negotiations with the Brussels free trade agreement, which may provide duty-free passage for its garment exporters within a few years. On the market in the United States, President Trump canceled the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) decision may affect Indonesia to the United States clothing exports, as Indonesia's main competitor, Vietnam will no longer enjoy tariff free preferential policies.