Ironing cloth coming out in the United States will bring new opportunities to the textile industry.

according to the German media May 9th, researchers in the United States use a magic formula to develop a fabric that does not wrinkle. Shirts made from this fabric can be kept flat even without ironing. At present, the textile industry has great expectations for the large-scale use of this kind of cloth.

although the ironing shirt is not yet officially put into the market, the experts are not very enthusiastic about this new technology. An expert in the United States said: "at present, this kind of cloth will release harmful healthy formaldehyde in the production process. This gas is derived from synthetic resins. It is because of synthetic resins that the fabric made of cotton material will be ironed free.

from jackets to bedding, this fabric is highly applicable. " At this stage, scientists have found a material beneficial to environmental protection. The new material is a combination of citric acid and a sweet substance. By using new materials, the cost of production will be greatly reduced and the fabric performance will be better.

the cloth is still in the experimental stage. Because the new material has faded, so researchers are still not sure when this cloth can be formally put into use in large scale, but the researchers say the technology will bring huge turning to the textile industry.