Jin Bin, an exclusive marketing manager for warp warp

March 29th, the sixth Hongkong international underwear swimsuit - raw material brand processing Exhibition (Interfili re Hong Kong) was opened in Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center. This year's exhibition takes "Trace the Origin" as the theme, focusing on products and raw materials. The exhibition organizers Oro Witt believes that in the process of making underwear and swimwear, in addition to pay attention to the design and tailoring the characteristics of products used by the material and fabric is also very important. The exhibition for a period of two days, a total of 170 exhibitors participated in the event, including 44 new exhibitors, they show a series of different kinds of lingerie swimwear supplies to the audience, the majority of exhibitors has also started to develop different equipment and technology, in the face of environmental problems and challenges and is closely related to the fashion .

RBA (China) Warp Knitting Co., Ltd. carries its high-end warp knitted fabric to this exhibition. The company's main products include swimwear, underwear, sportswear, men's wear, casual wear and other five fabric series. Among them, the men's classic series of NIM fabrics in China's market share of more than 80%. The following is an interview with Jin Bin, the marketing manager of China's Warp Knitting Company Limited.

international underwear Network: This is the first time that Hongkong's exhibition has been held by the powerful leader. What kind of expected effect can be achieved in this exhibition?

Jin Bin: from the first session, Jin Ba came to the exhibition every session. The exhibition is the enterprise publicity stage, I believe most of the exhibitors are more important for Hongkong exhibition, exhibitors is to let customers know about new products and services, our company, let the customer know much publicity. But I think the brand is not just propaganda, and through the integration of industrial chain, to reflect on the quality of the products, and the company's original innovation ability and so on, at present this Rimula doing well.

international underwear net: will you introduce some new products according to the current trend? What are the characteristics of this year's products compared with last year?

Jin Bin: Yes. Products can be developed according to the needs of the market and fashionable demand. But a piece of fabric can be accepted by customers and consumers, which needs a process. Not this year, it will be recognized. I am afraid it will be discovered three or five years later. So it is not easy to tell which product will be more popular in the future. The effect of Jin Ba fabric is the concept of women's skin from 18 to 25 years old.

international underwear Network: the fabric of Kinfolk fabric includes swimsuit series, underwear series, sports series and so on.

Jin Bin: this year's flagship series of underwear and sports, and swimsuits belong to the regular series. There is a lot of interaction between sports and customers, and brands are more willing to cooperate. Sports series using functional fiber materials, special structure, novel finishing technology, fabrics with moisture, breathable, windproof, waterproof performance and good anti UV sunscreen. The stereoscopic organizational pattern, good elasticity. In the intimate contact with nature, there is no freedom, "sports soul, fashion wind", which contains leisure and fashion, nature and health in simplicity.

international underwear net: what are the new breakthroughs in the fabric of underwear series?

Jin Bin: underwear series featured super fine denier nylon and spandex INVISTATM, using fine needle warp knitting equipment from, and superb technology, gives the rich and delicate fabric cotton feel smooth and elastic. The fabric is thin, delicate, skin sticking and breathable, like second layers of human skin. Some elegant, simple, noble and magnificent, provide the best choice for the design of underwear. Although the era of underwear wear may not have arrived, a gentle revolution is quietly taking place.

international underwear net: what is the advantage of the power fighter in the market competitiveness?

Jin Bin: the product optimization; the rapid reaction of the market; enterprise scale capital advantage; development team innovation ability, cooperation with many colleges and universities set up, have their own R & D center; companies with top yarn suppliers, has a unique advantage in resource acquisition.