Cotton textile industry clear "13th Five-Year" development direction

from December 16th to 17, the fifth member congress of China Cotton Textile Industry Association and the Forum on cotton textile development were held in Nantong, Jiangsu. The conference held a general election of the association and announced the outline of the 13th Five-Year plan for cotton textile industry in China. China Textile Industry Association vice president Gao Yong, Xu Wenying, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry responsible person and cotton textile enterprises, cotton processing enterprises on behalf of a total of more than 300 people attending the meeting. The

conference elected the Fifth China Cotton Textile Industry Association in charge, executive director and member list. Zhu Bei Na is the president of China Cotton Textile Industry Association. Ye Jianchun is the vice president and secretary general. Wang Keli, Wang Qing green and Zheng Jiewen are the vice president of the association. The

conference put forward that it is the key period for the development of the cotton textile industry. Although the achievements of the "12th Five-Year" period are outstanding, it is necessary to realize that the cotton textile industry will face greater opportunities and challenges during the "13th Five-Year" period. The industry should expand the domestic and foreign demand, optimize the production structure, strengthen the product innovation and improve the cotton textile industry. In terms of automation level, we should continue to work hard and strengthen our confidence and tide over difficulties. During the period of

"12th Five-Year", the adjustment of industrial structure in the cotton textile industry was accelerated, the technological progress was greatly improved and the cotton policy reform achieved a breakthrough. In the aspects of brand construction, talent training and regional coordinated development, the industry still faced the shortage of innovation, the decrease of cost advantage, and foreign trade competition. It is difficult to improve the cotton system and so on. During the period of

"13th Five-Year", the industry will take the 6 aspects as improving quality and efficiency, diversification of products, optimizing regional layout, building independent brand, realizing international strategy and sustainable development of green environmental protection. The aim of the industry is product production, transformation efficiency, sustainable development and production layout.

Zhu Beina said that the past 5 years the development of cotton textile industry is very challenging for 5 years, "the 'new normal' economic transformation and upgrading and sustainable development" is often mentioned, the industry situation is complicated, the member enterprises shut down, restructuring more. The new Council will transform the way, adjust the structure and promote upgrading as the top priority for the development of the industry, so as to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of the industry. The

meeting also invited the relevant state ministries responsible person, academician of Academy of engineering, China industry experts and delegates around the change of technology innovation in the industry, cotton processing trade trends, cotton quality and cotton textile market and other issues in the discussion.